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Reconciliation Week Fundraising Print

Updated: May 27

Are you looking to support Murnong Mummas and the work that we do?

We are hoping to expand our infrastructure here at Murnong Mummas to further build our capacity.

We spend our time wisely at the plot depending on the jobs that need doing now and the jobs that need preparing for in the future. But most importantly our days are dictated by our capacity: what we are capable of that day but also what we need.

We’ve been working hard to prepare for the cold and crisp mornings to come by slowly erecting a greenhouse frame. Like mulching, these jobs are time, labour and fund consuming but are an important investment into making our future more predictable, less risky and just straight up easier!

Improving our infrastructure means less time invested on jobs made simpler, jobs that we know are worth doing and that will be rewarded down the track.

Purchasing a print will further enable us to finish our greenhouse before the end of winter and allow us to continue sharing our abundance with mob.

Morchella australiana

Ira Barker, 2023

Digital print on high quality paper.

Inspired by inter-generational joy, an ode to the passing on of special parts of country that we personally hold close to our hearts, a celebration of sharing with the next generation through seasonal markers. Dedicated proudly to my father, Layton Barker.

Price: $40 (or Pay What You Like) for an A4 Digital Print

Proceeds will go to fundraise for First Nations social enterprise Murnong Mummas to build infrastructure at their Leanganook Bush Tucker farm. 

To purchase a print use the contact form on our website.

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